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Hi - I'm Thom. I'm a singer-songwriter amongst many singer-songwriters living, playing and writing in Liverpool.

Monday 23 January 2012

Rubberfoil on Different Scene Playlist
I got this write up from Lisa Jade of the Different Scene website:
"Unsigned singer Thom Morecroft is someone who you should try and make yourself 
familiar with. His pop piano based melodies are currently sounding a 
little rough around the edges but the talent and potential are present. 
His track Rubberfoil is currently streaming on his Soundcloud page and 
is most definitely worth a listen. His quasi-acoustic sound mixed with 
his boyish charm and innocence are all part and parcel of why we should 
keep our eyes (and ears) peeled to see what else this kids got."

Thursday 5 January 2012

Playing Ascension Thursdays at the Harbour Bar tonight

I think I'll be on around 10pm, I's the line-up for tonight:










Address of Harbour Bar
South Road
L22 5PQ

Wednesday 4 January 2012

AMPed New Music Weekly

I was also on this as well amongst a lot of other great music, very fortunate of me:

Dan Lynch, the presenter, is a gentleman and a scholar!

The song Holly featured on Liverpool Acoustic Extra Spotlight and playing in Old Roan tonight

Just listening to this for the second time; some really nice stuff on here. Great to hear Joseph Dene again; met him the first week I moved here, amazing voice.

I'll be playing in Old Roan tonight, around 9.45pm

Saturday 17 December 2011

Last night at the CUC

Last night, I had the good fortune to be playing at the CUC for the last of the AfterworkBeforedark sessions. I turned up at 6 and I didn't know what was going on. Lucy Styles (the evening's hostess and a brilliant musician in her own right etc etc) rang me to explain that she was sorry but it wasn't on. Then someone there, who I've now found out is called Chris (a great man of many virtues) explained that it was on.

I never write down setlists. This is a gigantic flaw. All musicians everywhere should write setlists. This avoids looking around blankly wondering what you're going to play next. I think it went something like this though.

1. I Won't Tell Your Daddy (new song)
2. Where Are We Going To
3. Give of Yourself
4. Just Don't Worry 
5. Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews cover)
6. Holly
7. Cannonball (Damien Rice cover)
8. Hold Me

I think it was these songs. I really can't be entirely sure. I know I enjoyed myself. Did you? Who knows.

Met some terrific musicians; Kaya was spectacular, also brilliant were Laura James and the Lyres. The Pigeonettes were great as well.

Charley Blue plays as part of Laura James and the Lyres as a violinist. Her music is really good. She's very very strange but very good.

Monday 8 August 2011

New batch of songs coming together and gig tonight at 11pm

On my soundcloud page, I have been uploading stuff I've been recording on little home-set up. I seem to be getting slowly and surely better at the production side of things which is freeing up the creative side. When I went to see Jon Astley I remember how clean his working space was, there is probably something in that.

All good songs start with the sound of a vacuum cleaner in your ears. After that, it's all down to effort I suppose.

Gig at Bumper festival thingie ding ding tonight around 11pm I think. Hopefully fun stuff.

This short little piece of folk-pop is something I'm pretty happy with:

It's about busking...kindof...

Monday 18 July 2011

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